Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Laser Hair Removal

TRIA Laser Hair Removal System

TRIA Laser Hair Removal System
Save thousands of dollar and get a baby soft-skin from the comfort of your home.
You'll see result in as little as 90 days, and in 6 to 8 months you are done.
FDA approved.
 Same results as professional laser hair removal.
The TRIA Laser is designed to work on fair to medium skin tones and medium to dark hair-it will not work on grey, blond or red hair. The built-in skin sensor will determine if at-home laser hair removal is suitable for your skin tone. If compatible with your skin, the device will automatically unlock as an added safety feature.
It does work for hair removal on pale skin and black (or near black) hair. If your hair is not black, it won't work as well. If your skin is not pale, it won't work as well and will be more painful. Dark melanin absorbs near-infrared radiation from the laser and creates heat. This is how Tria works. It flashes near-infrared radiation into your skin, the black hairs absorb the light and heat up, frying the follicle.
Easy as one, two, TRIA!