Monday, June 6, 2011

Make Money While You Help Your Audience

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should Sexting Be Grounds For Expulsion? This Parent Says No way!

Do you really know what your kids are doing with their cellphone?
Yes, they are doing facebook, but more than facebook too.

Should Sexting Be Grounds For Expulsion? This Parent Says No way!

Sexting have become a problem especially with teenager over the last years.
But what's sexting is?
Sexting is the act of sending or receiving sexually explicit picture or videos into a cellphone or another portable electronic device.
But  how far is too far? 
Instead of leaving punishment up to parents, California State Legislature is stepping in to regulate what children can and can’t do with their cell phones while in school.
wait! you cant be sexting here in class.
California Senator, Ted Lieu told the Associated Press that 20% of students are sexting and there needs to be consequences. The tricky part is going to be figuring out the distinction between texting and sexting. If sexting is going to black-listed maybe texting should be too? The scary part is that given the power of social media outlets like Facebook and Youtube a photo or video can go viral in minutes. So what may be intended as a private picture could ultimately be viewed by tons of people, that you dont even know about.
So before thinking about pressing the fabulous send botton, think about the hole your getting in.
Parents says "no way", but why not to think first about the true reasons for you to put a cell into your kids hands, i mean--is not a bad thing--  but It's time to set some rules, it's not the goverment job!