Monday, June 6, 2011

Make Money While You Help Your Audience

You already know about monetizing your blog/site with google adsense--and others--right!!. But what about finding a monetizing option for your blog/site that at the same time gives you the opportunity of helping people finding their way to work -from- their own home.
Completly free.
Well, I recently found this option
    With DoNanza you'll have the opportunity as  a publisher, by simple integrating DoNanza  on your site/blog to expose and offer to your audience, ways to earn a living from home while doing the things they love and skilled at.
As a publisher you can easily custumize and integrate  DoNanza's work-from-home project board into your site and tailor it to your user's set of skills. And the best part is that you can generate revenue using it.
The amount of money you'll earn using this monetizing sistem--to give it a call-- will depend on your site traffic and how you promote it on your site/blog.

Telling you this, is now up to you whether you take it or no. It's completly free to join, and nothing to lose.
Good luck!

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